Nursing Neurological Assessment

A nursing neurological assessment is a document which outlines the manner in which nurses can contribute significantly to neurological diagnosis of patients. There are certain resolved steps which must be followed by a nurse in order to make an accurate judgment, and the importance of a correct judgment in such a case needs no stressing. Therefore, a nursing neurological assessment is the first document presented to the neuro-surgeon regarding a patient.

Sample Nursing Neurological Assessment

This is an abstract of a study conducted on 220 nurses in the City State Hospital and Medical College, New York, and their responses to the method and need for a structuring of the nursing neurological assessment is put forward here.

Purpose of Nursing Neurological Assessment:

  • The purpose of this article or abstract is to bring forth the lack or vacuum of a defined nursing neurological assessment chart, which can come in handy in case of emergencies if the nurse is unsure about what to do.
  • The nursing neurological assessment is a crucial document for doctors as well, since it lends an easy to understand and step-by-step account of the measures to be taken during an emergency.

Steps to take in case of a neurological emergency:

  • Movement and reflex responses
  • Cerebella functioning
  • The reaction of cranial nerves to stimuli, both internal and external/

Checking LOC: which means that the neurological nurse on duty must check for the following signs. This is the most important of the nursing neurological assessment

State of full consciousness

  • State of lethargy
  • State of stupor
  • State of obtundation
  • State of coma

The findings of these two steps must be presented accurately tabulated by the neurological nurse on duty, to make decision-taking easier for the surgeon. A well presented nursing neurological assessment can save one’s life.

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