Nursing Neuron Assessment

A nursing neuro assessment is a document which contains the results of a nurse’s examination regarding a patient’s neurological condition as gleaned through his or her responses to standard stimuli. This is a crucial assessment as physicians and surgeons may often take vital life-saving decisions based on the facts contained in the report, and hence care should be taken to ensure completely accuracy and sincerity.

Sample Nursing Neuro Assessment

Article Number: 6 [ii], Vol. 12, American Journal of Health and Medicine, Issue: September 3rd, 2012.

Purpose of Nursing Neuro Assessment:

  • The purpose of this article is to provide a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of nursing neuro assessment, which is increasingly being recognized as a field that is deserving of critical attention.
  • While used in practice, in operation rooms, the steps to a nursing neuro assessment has not yet been finalized, and this article is a small attempt to do exactly that.

Steps that a nurse must check for in case of a neuro assessment:

  • Check for movement, reflexes
  • Functioning of the cerebellum
  • The reaction of the cranial nerves to stimuli, the responses to sensation and movement

The results of these tests will form the baseline data against which other responses and the results of other tests can be compared.

Checking LOC [level of consciousness] for a patient can be of immense help to making an accurate nursing neuro assessment. The nurse on duty must check whether the patient subscribes to any of the following neuro states before making an assessment:

  • State of full consciousness
  • State of lethargy
  • State of stupor
  • State of obtundation
  • State of coma

It is advised that nurses, in their neuro assessments, mention the symptoms and the responses rather than using the terms themselves. However this can be left to the discretion of individual nurses.

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