Nursing Orientation Assessment

A nursing orientation assessment is a kind of evaluation of a nursing orientation course which is offered to registered and unregistered nurses to hone their skills and prepare or equip them for challenging roles in the sphere of their study. Care should be taken to place the findings of the evaluation in the form of a proper report for further use.

Sample Nursing Orientation Assessment

Nursing Orientation Program assessed by: College of Nurses of Ontario [CNO]

Date of nursing orientation program: 12th June 2012

Nursing orientation program offered by: Primary Nursing College, Denver, Ontario

Purpose of the Nursing Orientation Program evaluation:

  • To create scope for Canadian and other nurses to return to their nursing careers, switch streams, and generally bring about an improvement in performances.
  • To ensure that nurses who qualify and graduate from the program meet the eligibility criteria of the CNO, and are deemed fit to join the nursing workforce of the state.

Survey conducted on:

The various parameters on which the school mentioned above was evaluated include the following:

  • Range and scope of courses: The Nursing Orientation Program offered by the school is not one unifying program but covers several modules like Orientation for Practical Nurses, Orientation to Clinically Intensive Practice, Practical Nursing and so on. This increases the range and scope of the orientation programs offered by the school and ensures that the specific interests of individual students can be channelized in the right direction.
  • The pre-clinical requirements: The pre-clinical requirements for joining these courses has been specified by the Paramed and are extremely challenging, comprehensive and intensive, ensuring that students who get access to these Orientation courses are up to the task.
  • Placement record: Students who have passed through the courses of this school have been satisfactorily placed in the spheres of community care, long term care and acute care. These are some of the most difficult and challenging tasks of nursing and require immense skill and capability.

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