Nursing Oxygenation Assessment

Nursing oxygenation assessment is a document which outlines the manner in which such an assessment must be changed and be given the requisite importance that it deserves. A nursing oxygenation assessment is extremely important since many lives depend on it. Care should be taken to make it completely foolproof and new and innovative techniques which can ensure the same are sought to be incorporated in the nursing oxygenation assessment report. It is a critical document and paves the way for changes and improvements in nursing oxygenation assessment system, saving lives and leading to more advanced health care.

Sample Nursing Oxygenation Assessment

Abstract: This is a study which is aimed at changing the face of cellular oxygenation in hospitals across the country. Since nurses are assigned the task of drafting report, the changes in the system of nursing oxygenation will directly affect nurses and their performance which will ultimately be instrumental in making a bettered health care system.

Steps to be taken to effect changes in nursing oxygenation assessment:

  • Greater importance of PET and MRI scanning in determining the level of cellular oxygenation. Care should be taken to understand the mechanism of these strategies and the policy behind these radical new steps. Nurses should be trained in judging cellular oxygenation assessment by giving them crash courses in MRI and PET scanning.
  • Care should be taken to differentiate between cellular and arterial oxygenation. This is an important step towards the radicalization of nursing oxygenation assessment. Decreasing lung capacity is associated with arterial oxygenation. The need for a nursing assessment to be specific as to whether it is a cellular assessment or an arterial assessment is paramount.

Number of hospitals in Delaware which have implemented these steps and penalize nurses for inaccurate assessments: 21

Project leader: Dr. Jason Wieler, RCB Hospitals and Medical College, Delaware.

Project completed on: 23rd June 2012.

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