Nursing Patient Assessment

The nursing patient assessment is an effective method through which the individual patient’s health is evaluated. This is done by a nursing care facility where all the nurses are accountable for the care that patient receives. This assessment is for both children and adults and is done to determine the needs of the patient and diagnose accordingly. The nursing patient assessment is necessary for ensuring a patient’s healthy recovery and well being. The assessment can be for physiological, psychological, and nutritional needs. It is, thus, vital to record all the necessary data pertaining to the patient’s health carefully in the nursing health assessment.

Sample Nursing Patient Assessment:

Name: Roger Gonzalo

Age: 34 years

Doctor in charge: Dr. Ray

Name of Nurse in charge of Patient Assessment: Maria Stevens

Name of Nursing Home: Mercy Nursing Home

Aims of the Nursing Patient Assessment:

Mr. Gonzalo has been suffering from severe abdominal pain for the last forty eight hours. Therefore, Dr. Ray has ordered a thorough medical check-up. This assessment has been solicited for evaluating the patient’s health status, nursing care and other medical treatments that are being provided to him.

Factors of the assessment:

  • The serological and laboratory examination reports of the patient.
  • Prescription of the concern Doctor.
  • Present and future diagnostic plans


Based on the findings of the above mentioned factors it could be concluded that Mr. Gonzalo has been diagnosed with appendicitis and he needs to undergo an appendectomy in order stay well. Even, all the prescribed medicines, ongoing treatment and nursing care plan are being provided by the hospital authority according to the need.

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