Nursing Physical Assessment

The nursing physical assessment is specific method through which a patient is examined physically. Such an assessment records the observations and outcome of a proper written examination. The nursing physical assessment is very important and must be done periodically. Generally, this assessment is conducted by a trained nurse under the guidance of a doctor in the nursing care facility. This kind of assessment is a requirement for patients of all age groups whether they are kids, adults or the elderly. While conducting the nursing physical assessment, it is important to carefully note all observations made.

Sample Nursing Physical Assessment:

Name: John Hope

Age: 46 years

Doctor in charge: Dr. Ryan Fields

Nurse in charge of Physical Assessment: Martin Hen

Name of Health Care Facility: Faith Nursing Clinic

Objectives of Nursing Physical Assessment:

The Faith Nursing Clinic is renowned for its health care facilities that are backed by an able staff of doctors and nurses. The nursing clinic has been part of health and medical care for 15 years and has always met all health regulations and standards. This assessment is put forwarded in order to ensure patient Mr. Hope being a regular patient is receiving proper physical health checkups and medical examinations.

Result of Nursing Physical Assessment:

John Hope is perfectly healthy and has showed impressive heart rate on the ECG. The doctor has prescribed him to his usual routine of balanced diet and good exercise to maintain his health. Mr. Hope is scheduled to visit again after 3 months for the physical check up.

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