Nursing Stress Assessment

A nursing stress assessment is an exercise which enables a team of specialists and experts to determine the stress levels of workers working as nurses. This is particularly important as surveys of this kind are rare. The need for understanding the requirements of nurses is paramount for the overall improvement of quality in the health sector.

Sample Nursing Stress Assessment

Abstract of the project: This is a project undertaken by Medicare Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. with the help and support of Regulation Committee for Nursing [RCN] with immediate effect from 12th June 2012. The aim of this project, named Stress Levels in Acute Care Nurses, is to find out the kind of stress and trauma that acute care nurses have to undergo, by measuring the fluctuation in the level of cytokinins like Interleukin 8.

Date of termination of project: 12th June 2013 [approximately]

Purpose of the project:

  • To create awareness about the role of cytokinins as an indicator of stress disorders.
  • To suggest appropriate measures which can help cut down the stress levels of acute care nurses.
  • To demarcate the role of acute care nurses from that of other nurses and outline the special challenges that these workers have to face on a daily basis.
  • To lead to overall improvement in work conditions of acute care nurses by addressing this deep and insidious problem.

Project to be supervised by: Dr. Aston Menander, D.M.H.S., Medicare Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

Methodology: A total of 200 nurses will participate in this project. Their urine samples will be tested for Interleukin 8 levels and this will be compared to a control group consisting of 200 Chronic care nurses.

Results to be submitted to: A copy of the report will be kept with the hospital while another copy shall be submitted to the RCN for further discussion on the survey.

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