Nursing Student Assessment

The nursing student assessment is conducted on nursing students by competent authorities. The purpose of such assessment is to provide statistical and informative records either to the student that would help him/her to correct his/her mistakes or to authorities of any organization that wishes to offer a placement to the candidate and wishes to check his/her competency at the job.

Sample Nursing Student Assessment

Name: Ava Dursley.

Age: 27years.

Nursing home where candidate works: Florence Nightingale Memorial Nursing Home.

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012.

Conducted by: Nursing association for Global Standards, USA.

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

  • Capacity of understanding instructions: This test is conducted by asking the student to take notice of all the points that the visiting doctor may make. The understanding capabilities and instruction following procedures of the candidate is taken into regard and results are delivered. Score is 17 on 20 in this round.
  • Medical surveillance test: This test is undertaken to ensure how much capable the candidate is at handling medical instruments and serving patients when it comes to the duty of giving timely reports, tests and medicines. Score is 15 on 20.
  • Medical Knowledge: This test is done to determine the basic knowledge that the candidate possesses about medicine and their uses. The candidate is awarded points on the smartness and instant decision making powers that he/she displays at the times of crisis. Selecting correct medicines to be given, selection of correct injections that may save a life is the biggest virtue one must possess in this profession. The result is 17 on 20 for this test.

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