Objective Personality Assessment

An objective personality assessment usually consists of a series of questions which can then be used to determine personality types. Care has to be taken in order to include questions that are relevant and interesting and that can bring forth illuminating and challenging responses from the person being assessed.

Sample Objective Personality Assessment

Zed Ex Online Objective Personality Assessment

Date: 23rd June 2012


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Introduction: This is an online objective personality assessment created by Logo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is designed in the form of self help questionnaire which must be filled in by the candidate. The last test was taken 67 minutes ago, and results of the test shall be mailed to your mailing address. This is a free test and does not require prior registration. Please subscribe to our updates to know the latest such creations by Logo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Instructions: Please fill in the set of 5 questions to determine your personality type. The answers are not auto generated but will be framed by our panel experts after scrutinizing your answers carefully so you can be assured of a personalized and accurate estimate of your personality type.

  1. Do you see yourself as a positive person? If not, explain why.
  2. How often do you go through phases of depression and self recrimination? How do you deal with the negative energy so produced?
  3. What is your relationship with your employer and coworkers in the workspace? Are you happy in your job?
  4. Have you ever been counseled before for behavioral abnormalities? Do you maintain a certain consistency in your behavior towards others and towards yourself?
  5. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? How does that affect your interaction with others?

N.B.: This test does not include pre designed options from which applicants may choose since we believe that individual responses cannot be preempted in such ways.

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