Occupational Career Assessment

An occupational career assessment is an evaluation of a person’s academic records and suggesting the right occupation that he or she can take up as his or her career. It is an assessment through which the career objective of the person can be understood. It is performed by career counselors or advisors, and involves personality test, questionnaire, interviews and other related activities.

Sample Occupational Career Assessment:

Name of the candidate: George Felton.

Date of Birth: 10/12/1989.

Educational Qualification:

  • BA Honours (English), University College London.
  • MA (English Literature), University of Leeds.
  • Diploma in French Language, Alliance Francaise de Paris.

Career Objectives:

  • Research scholar in English.
  • Journalist or news reporter
  • Interpreter for international companies

Purpose of this assessment: the aim of this career assessment is to find out which occupation will be suited for the candidate, depending upon his skills and personality.

Skills and other attributes:

  • The person in concern has a good command over English and French language and can effectively communicate and write in both the languages.
  • He takes interest in traveling and photography and has regularly contributed in some travel journal, accounts of his travel and personal experiences.
  • He also takes interest in music, writing movie reviews and reading novels and poems.


  • What steps are you taking for accomplishing your career objectives?

I am a voracious reader. I devote quite some time, reading and writing French and English. I am sharpening my skills to improve my writing style.

  • Have you ever faced any hindrance, while fulfilling your career objectives?

When I write in French, I need to think in my native language first, and then translate my thought into writing. This does not happen while speaking.

Counselor’s Report:

After analyzing the person’s academic records, his skills and attributes, I think the best occupation for the person will be the position of an interpreter in international companies. However, he can also shine in the field of journalism, although that would require much training and polishing. The job of a research scholar, however, is not fit for him.

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