Occupational Health Assessment

An occupational health assessment is a document which outlines the work environment and its direct effect on the employee’s health and life in a work space. Such kinds of occupational health assessments are crucial in the high stress job atmospheres today. They pinpoint the areas where improvements can be ushered in, to create a happy and secure work environment for employees.

Sample Occupational Health Assessment

Name of office where an occupational health assessment will be conducted: Soft Tronic Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 2001

Nature of company: Primarily a business process outsourcing company with a number of call centers.

Purpose of occupational health assessment:

  • This occupational health assessment will be conducted by Health Org, an organization that surveys the work environment across sectors and creates an engraining and easily applicable report aimed at improving employee satisfaction as well as obliterating occupational health hazards.
  • The purpose of this occupational health assessment is to identify the work stress elements in the BPO sector. This includes health hazards from over exposure to computers, body clock imbalances from odd shifts as well as mental and emotional stress from irascible customers.
  • The BPO sector faces severe manpower crunch due to these occupational health hazards. If these are addressed, candidates can be lured to this profitable job. However, decreasing the hours of shift, employing more people, and some other easy measures can contribute immensely to making this job pleasurable.

For more information please contact: 3445746

The report will be made available to the company on 3rd January 2011.

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