Office Assessment Format

Office assessment is a process used for measuring the existing employment arrangements, employee facilities and the overall development of the office works. This measuring tool helps the authority to determine the need of office staffs and departments and further development required for smooth functioning of official work. Therefore, an office assessment format is used for outlining the essential aspects of this particular assessment.

Sample Office Assessment Format

Name of the respondent _________________

Designation in the office ________________

Department ___________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of the office assessment should enunciate the exact purpose of the assessment so that it is convenient for the respondents to answer accordingly. This paragraph should be framed keeping in mind the employee strength and the business profile of the office.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph is considered as one of the important section of the entire document. This emphasizes on official factors such as program evaluation, department- wise performance analysis, benchmarking official jobs by standard code of conduct set by the authority and total quality management. These are the few important factors which should be stressed upon on every official assessment document irrespective of its purpose. This is because it helps the company to make remedial measures for eliminating critical issues on the official work process.

Third Paragraph: The last or the third paragraph should concentrate on assessing the requirements of the staffs and department. This is one of the effective ways through which the authority can improve the work environment and opportunities for the employees.

Remark on the assessment __________________________

Signature of the authority _______________________

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