Office Assessment Template

An office assessment template is a layout which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of an office. This may be conducted by a department of the office itself, or by an external agency commissioned to carry out such an assessment. An office assessment template must be written carefully as it is a true indicator of the efficiency in an office.

Sample Office Assessment Template

Name of office: _______________________________________ [Mention the name of the office which is being assessed]

Office assessment template submitted by: ____________________________ [Mention the name[s] of the person[s] involved in compiling the office assessment report]

Date of submission of office assessment report: _____________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant date]

Factors used as determinants in the office assessment report:

  • Factor 1: _____________________________
  • Factor 2: ______________________________
  • Factor 3: ______________________________
  • Factor 4: ______________________________ [Briefly mention some of the determining factors that will be used to judge the performance in and of an office]

Purpose of the office assessment: ________________________________ [Enumerate the purpose of the office assessment, highlighting its benefits and merits in transforming the way an office functions]

Tools used for the office assessment:

  • Tool 1: __________________________________
  • Tool 2: __________________________________
  • Tool 3: __________________________________ [Mention the tools used for the office assessment report. This shall reflect on the methods adopted which will further indicate the nature of the office assessment]

Findings obtained in the office assessment:

  • Notable finding 1: ____________________________________
  • Notable finding 2: ____________________________________
  • Notable finding 3: ___________________________________ [Mention some of the significant findings of the office assessment]

Download Sample Office Assessment Template

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