Office Educational Assessment

An office educational assessment is an exercise whereby the role of education in a corporate setup is examined in minute detail and valuable suggestions are made for improving it, enabling worker participation and creation of a cognitive, wholesome and holistic work environment. The office educational assessment must be tabulated after adequate research and care should be taken with regards to accuracy and details. The office educational assessment must be well written and it should effect tangible changes, increasing its value as an archival document as well as one which will contribute to some benefits for the workers in an office.

Sample Office Educational Assessment

Office educational assessment report created by: Jason Weiler

Date of submission of office educational assessment report: 12th June 2012

Purpose of office educational assessment:

  • This assessment, compiled by the HR team of our company, is aimed at creating a need for educational programs within office workspace, so that every worker here can get a chance to participate in the discussions.
  • The report tabulates the seminars, workshops, community programs with an educational bent, and educational events which have taken place in the past one year, and tries to understand the need for such programs within the context of official work.
  • The report shall be forwarded to the company management so that improvements in the office educational system can be brought about and more interactive and educational sessions can be held on a regular basis.


  • January 2011: Seminar on “Corporate Responsibility: Myth or Reality” saw a participation of 120 employee of the company. The total employee strength is 200.
  • September 2011: workshop on “Communication Skills and their Importance” conducted by the renowned Ryan McKellan of Schuster University.
  • December 2011: Presentation by office employees on “The Role of Education as part of Corporate Responsibility”.

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