Office Ergonomic Assessment

An office ergonomic assessment is a survey which is aimed at providing ease of working to company employees by ensuring that the physical aspects of their workspace like chairs, keyboard placements and so on are streamlined and they provide comfort and minimum of physical stress to the employees.

Sample Office Ergonomic Assessment

This is a survey conducted by InstaStep Sols. Pvt. Ltd. on behalf of JP Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Office ergonomic assessment report filed on: 23rd June 2012

Office ergonomic assessment filed by: Jason Kutcher

Factors taken into consideration in the office ergonomic assessment:

  • The design of the task chair
  • Placement of keyboard and mouse for every employee of the company

Suggestions for a more ergonomically streamlined office:

Task Chair

  • The kind of task chairs used by the employees in the company needs to be changed with immediate effect. Adjusting the footrest and the backrests are issues that need to be taught to the employees. The features of the new ergonomic chairs which have been suggested in this report [please check overleaf for diagram] need to be understood and practiced.
  • The lumbar rest of these ergonomic chairs must be adjusted as well, so that adequate back support is provided to employees who are constantly required to work on the computer or be at the computer terminals of the office.
  • A torso to thigh angle of 93-113 degrees and the knee level must be below the thigh level. These are qualities which make the ergonomic chairs specially suited for the long haul.

Keyboard and Mouse Placement

  • An individual must be taught to sit close to the keyboard and the mouse so that the upper arms are loose and relaxed with respect to the keyboard.
  • Apart from this, the keyboard placement and mouse placement of the office terminals is fine, and ergonomically designed.

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