Office Institutional Assessment

An office institutional assessment is a survey to mark the changes needed in the technical and infrastructural needs of an organization, university or office. Care should be taken to present the findings in the form of a report which can be used to usher in significant changes.

Sample Office Institutional Assessment

Date of office institutional assessment: 23rd June 2011

Period for survey: June 2010 to May 2011.

Office institutional assessment report compiled by: Jason Thisel of Frontech Sols. Pvt. Ltd.

On behalf of: University of Pennsylvania

Purpose of the office institutional assessment:

  • A university, as a place of learning, is heavily dependent on infrastructure and technology. The aim of this survey is to determine the changes that will be required in the University of Pennsylvania Institutional Division, and how these changes need to be incorporated in this existing infrastructural system.
  • The report has been created after a thorough inspection of the existing facilities include computer terminals, filing system, student-technology access system, student friendly nature of the office administration and so on. Based on these parameters, the Office Institutional Assessment of the University of Pennsylvania has been created.

Suggested Changes:

  • Given the vast resources of the University as far as infrastructure and technology is concerned, the administration has not lent this resource adequately to the students. For example, every department, while having their own computer terminals [40 computers per department], needs to ensure that student access to these computers is not restricted by protocol.
  • The library hours are restricted, and this is a restriction which must be lifted with immediate effect, since students often wish to access the library at night, provision for which is not made by the University currently.
  • The last change suggested is to integrate the Central Library of the University with the departmental libraries to foster ease of access of catalogues.

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