Office Management Assessment

Office management assessment encompasses the analytic tools and methods with which the analysis of management practices for office staff is conducted. It is a means to ensure that the human resources are harnessed efficiently to lead to their maximum productivity. Thus the document must be prepared by counting in the organizational policies that directly precipitate into the office management.

Sample Office Management Assessment

Name of the organization: Boston Day School

Name of the agency approached for this purpose: Sullivan Assessment Agency

Name of the assessor: Mr. John Dean

Nature of assessment: Office management assessment

Date of submitting the assessment report: 7th July, 2011

Number of staff employed in the school office: 30

The management domains on which assessment reports are drawn are as follows:

1. Orderliness

The staffs are organized in small groups consisting of 5 members each for conducting each office task which imparts a strong sense of determination and support.

2. Openness to innovation

The management is democratic in nature which is based on complete freedom of expression of ideas and thoughts on part of the members.

3. Intrinsic motivation

Regular tests form a central part of management practices that are conducted to keep the employees motivated. Members are given feedback about their performances from time to time.

4. Team leadership

The teams are spearheaded by individual leaders appointed by the manager and they have to coordinate the team members and set their goals for completion within the set deadline.

5. Flexibility

The will of the employees is exercised in developing work goals and strategies by taking their votes and opinions.

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