Office Risk Assessment

The office risk assessment is the method of exploring the risks and their plausible causes that form a part of office jobs. It involves a planned procedure of indentifying the perilous zones to develop strategies and keep the risks under check as much as possible. Thus the document must be drafted after a full on risk analysis.

Sample Office Risk Assessment

Name of the organization: World Call Centre

Nature of assessment: Office risk assessment

Name of the person hired for the assessment: Mr. Lon Boom, Chief Analyst

Date of presentation of assessment report: 7th August, 2011

Dangers and damages may surface from the following probable risky areas:

Low Risk Assessment

  • The members have to keep sitting at one place and work for long hours. It is the main antecedent condition of future health diseases like joint aches, backaches, spondylitis and osteoporosis.
  • Members have to stare at computer screen and type on keyboards incessantly that leads to the onset of acute visual strain and severe migraine attacks.

Medium Risk Assessment

  • The staff may experience falls and slips due to the slippery floors of the office rooms as they are in hurry most of the time.
  • Inadequately lit stairs and washrooms may lead to accidents resulting in minor and serious injuries.

High Risk Assessment

  • The members may get into trouble due to electrical faults, failures and short circuits disabling the air conditioner, elevator and water purifier.
  • Tangled wires can cause frequent slips as well as electrical shocks which hold the potential to set off a fire in the building.

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