Office Skills Assessment

Office skills assessment is the process by which the set of skills are identified that are employed in office jobs. It goes deep into the profession and uncovers the layers of skills necessary for success in a clerical job at different ranks of the job. Thus, it should be done analytically by deploying a systematic method of assessment.

Sample Office Skills Assessment

Name of the organization: Travellers’ Pride

Name of the job: Receptionist (desk job)

Name of the agency hired: PLS Analysis Company

Date of assessment: 5th January, 2011

Basic outline of the requirements as predetermined for the job are:

  • The receptionist has to have a pleasant personality to welcome customers warmly so that they are impressed in the first meet.
  • The job requires good memory as the receptionist has to remember names, dates, faces, schemes, appointments and offers.
  • The candidate will have to work on computer and store information about the clients and their bookings.
  • The candidate will also have to be quite an extrovert to connect and interact with other agencies of the tourism industry.

Basic skills required and their uses for firming the above-mentioned duties are:

  • Computer skills are the most basic requirement for everybody applying for desk job.
  • Planning skill is important in order to organize meetings and tours.
  • The job demands good communication skills as the receptionist has to constantly be in touch with clients and customers.
  • Judgement skill is another important prerequisite as the candidate has to suggest tour schemes to the customers by judging their budget and interests.

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