Office Strategic Planning Assessment

Office strategic planning assessment is the official tool of evaluating the methods of working and examining the direction of the working. It is required to enable an organization office take its decisions and set its goals suitably. The document lays down the current position of the working standard and the prospective regions of improvement to reach the meridian of success.

Office Strategic Planning Assessment

Name of the organization: Ritz Cars

Name of the assessment agency: OLS Assessment Group

Date of assessment: 9th August, 2011

Assessment objective: The strategic planning assessment was conducted to compare and contrast the market of the car company with respect to other car companies predominant in the country at present. It was to create a picture of the company’s working strategies and to shed light on the course of actions of the company office.

The outline of the strategic planning of the office of the organization is given below:

  • The company office keeps statistical records of the economic profits and losses experienced by the company each year.
  • The overall estimates of the company’s income are made by the corporate office to calculate the tax percentage correctly.
  • Budget allocation and payment transactions are done under the supervision of the office staff.

Assessment of the planning structure:

  • The statistical records are not reproduced in software programs thus making it difficult for comparison with former records.
  • The income statements of the company are not closely guarded by the part time accountants.
  • The budget has to be prepared annually to facilitate the decision-making process of the office.

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