Office Technical Assessment

An office technical assessment is a survey of the technical requirements of an office or its employers, put in the form of a report. The office technical assessment can take various forms, for example, it can be a survey of the technical aptitude and ability of the employees. Whatever the form, care should be taken to make it easy to understand and interesting.

Sample Office Technical Assessment

Introduction: This office technical assessment is part of a series being conducted on the employee of various government offices in and around the Michigan lake area.

Name of company: Office of Social Security Administration, 12th Block Division, Michigan Lake

Name of employee: Gavin Mitchells

Date of joining: 12th June 1989

Stages of the office technical assessment:

Stage 1: To test the theoretical base of the employee and determine whether his fundamental concepts of the kind of technology he has to deal with on an everyday basis is sound. The extent of his theoretical knowledge is tested by this method and it is a good way of finding out the kind of foundation employees have so that it can be used as a proper base.

Score of candidate: 8/10

Stage 2: This stage involves a basic practical test to determine whether the employee is hands on with his knowledge, and can translate his theoretical base into practical application. Application skills is particularly important in government offices where thousands of files are fed into computers every day and people’s money, policies, insurance, safety and security are at stake.

Score of candidate: 7/10

Stage 3: This stage consists of more detailed application tests to determine whether the employee knows beyond what is the strict scope of his domain. Care should be taken in this stage to ensure that quality and stringent tests are carried out.  This will determine how good the employee is with technology in general.

Score of candidate: 4/10

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