Online Career Assessment

An online career assessment is the process of evaluating the career prospects of an individual through programmed techniques available online. It is a systematic method of learning about a candidate’s skills with the help of programmed instruction programs. Thus it is required to be designed and developed intelligently to examine the candidate’s skills and pace of learning.

Sample Online Career Assessment

Name of the organization: Archetypal Career Developers

Date of career assessment: 4th July, 2011

Preparation made by: Hadassah Tillotson, Career Analyst

Overview of the assessment: Internet is the finest contribution of science and one of the most astounding creations so far. Online career assessment tools help connect the whole world and provide useful interactive measures.

Advantages of online career assessment: Since it is humanly not possible to be present at the assessment centre personally, we have introduced the technique of online administration of questionnaires which is as much efficient as other physical tools.

Procedure of membership: The procedure of getting registered with our online system is very simple. Just follow the link given and sign in with an authentic email address and original password. You will be directed to the assessment site.

Career assessment needs: The present need for online career assessment is huge as most professionals and career-seekers fail to avail time for elaborate assessment methods. Online versions are adapted to produce results in less time and are highly applicable to careers.

Caution: With more number of fake sites coming into force making fake promises, we advise you to be careful about choosing the right site while deciding your career option.

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