Online Property Assessment

An online property assessment is an evaluation procedure for surveying a certain property online, that is, through web-based technologies. The nature and format of the assessment should be such that all data will be searched for and collected online, and the methodology for assessment will also be conducted therein. Thus, the assessment should be conducted likewise, with help from experts who would perform the property assessment and its related applications effectively.

Sample Online Property Assessment:

Property Assessment for: Johnson Real Estate Properties

Location: 15, Park Road

New Jersey

Assessment conducted by: Online Property Services

Date of assessment: 16th July, 2011

Purpose of assessment: The property of Johnson Real Estate Properties happened to be the proprietorship of Mr. Mark Benton, aged 47 years and residing at 16/II, Embassy Apartments, New Jersey, who would now like to sell it off to some trusted individual or organization and distribute all shares among new investors and clients.

Results of the property assessment:

Positive areas demonstrated:

  • The property has been renowned for its manufacturing services since 1990 and has been conducting quite a profitable business till date, that is, before taking the decision to hand it over to a new management and conduct related procedures for the same.
  • The taxes and interests for the property assets have been cleared before hand and always in time. Hence, the new owner or partners will not have to bear any liabilities or hefty debts.
  • The company and the respective property have been assessed to be genuine and authentic details have been provided for the online assessment. The records have been preserved in the machines for future use.

Negative areas demonstrated:

  • The very base of the company’s relations, be it personal or professional, has been found to be shaky and quite weak. The employer – employee relations are strained and the company has failed to interact favourably with clients, investors, suppliers, and other business firms as well, as some or the other point of time.
  • The property’s shares have not been properly distributed and handled, an area which requires immediate recovery.

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