Oral Health Assessment

Oral health assessment is conduced by a dentist or an oral surgeon, who assesses a person’s oral health condition and tries to find out the physical requirements of the person. This assessment or report enables a person and a doctor to find out, what kind of disorder or disease a person is suffering from and gives his suggestions to overcome it.

Sample Oral Health Assessment:

Name of the organization: Smiley Dental Hospital.

Assessment prepared by: Dr. David Colbert, senior dental surgeon.

Date of report submission: 16th of June, 2010.

Nature of health: The person’s oral health was assessed, based on the problems he was facing. The assessment was done by a team of oral surgeons, under the supervision of Dr. Colbert, senior dental surgeon. The report is prepared after a minute examination of the person’s teeth, gums and other parts.

Purpose of assessment:

  • The primary purpose of this assessment is to find out the oral disorders that the person is suffering from, and then give suitable suggestions to overcome his problems.
  • A part of regular check up.

Tests conducted for oral health assessment:

  • Dental X-ray done, to find out if any cavity exists.
  • Tooth strength tests done to find out the hardness of the person’s teeth.
  • Gum tests done to find out if there is any swelling or pain.

Assessment report:

The examination and test reports reveal that the person is suffering from certain gum problems, which needs medical attention. However, his dental conditions are perfect and needs no special care.


The person should immediately contact a dentist, who can address his gum problems. Till then, he is advised to wash his mouth with hot water and clove oil, thrice a day.

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