Pediatric Nursing Assessment

The pediatric nursing assessment is an important document that records and collects all data pertaining to the child’s health. This assessment must be conducted by a specialized pediatric nurse. The document highlights the physical examination of the child and also records interviews with the respective parents.  The pediatric nursing assessment can be done for specific illness that the child patient suffers from or a more general and overall examination of the child. While preparing the pediatric nursing assessment, utmost care must be taken to record the exact observations as made through the tests conducted.

Sample Pediatric Nursing Assessment:

Name of Patient: John Nash

Age: 5 years

Name of Hospital: St. Mary’s Pediatrics Care Facility

Under the care of: Dr. Mary Sullivan

Name of Pediatrics Nurse:  Steven Kyle

Purpose of the Pediatric Nursing Assessment:

John Nash has been admitted for a proper physical examination. This is part of the routinely check up that must be done every three months.

Tools and Strategies:

  • St. Mary’s Pediatrics Care Facility has the best facilities that ensure every child patient’s needs are met.
  • The facility has the most able doctors and nurses that are trained to handle young toddlers in the most adverse medical situation.
  • The patient, John Nash, is being provided with all the required health care and appropriate tests will be conducted.
  • An interview with the parents has also been conducted to record the daily activities of the child patient.

Findings from the Pediatric Nursing Assessment:

The patient, John Nash, is perfectly healthy and has been scheduled for the flu vaccine shot on the 24th of November, 2011.

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