Periodic Health Assessment

Periodic health assessment, as clearly portrayed from the term itself, is an evaluation of the various factors related to the health of some particular person, studied at regular intervals of time. The records collected over that particular span, say some months, one or five or even longer years’ gap, actually helps in the assessment by suggesting improvements or weaknesses, whatever may have occurred in this period of time.

Sample Periodic Health Assessment:

Silvia Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Name of patient: Steve Lee Lawrence

Occupation: Software Engineer

Age: 37 years

Date of assessment: 27th November, 2011

Core team preparing the assessment: Miss Julia Margaret, Chairperson.

Miss Agatha Romania, Research Head and Consultant Counselor

Assessment commissioned by: National Institute for Employee Health and Well-being

Company Profile and Assessment Overview:

The Silvia Institute of Medical Sciences and Research is a world-famous organization that provides high-quality health services for all sections of the society. It has always been instrumental in acknowledging newer clients and identifying their problems with equal dedication as the older ones, and also provides the facility to keep a tab of one’s own health conditions and scientific and medically approved methods to improve them. Hence the authority that safeguards employee health care recommends the job of periodic health assessment of its employees to be conducted herein and corresponding reports produced individually, so as to help develop their health conditions.

Factors under study:

  1. Blood group and haemoglobin content.
  2. Vision, hearing and speech tests.
  3. Measurement of blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  4. Diagnosis of kidney, heart and other parts of body and detecting problems, if any.
  5. Assessment of crucial health problems, identification and treatment solutions.
  6. Psychoanalytical assessment.

Assessment result:

The person has been medically assessed to be in a proper state of health. Exercises and regularity in food habits has been suggested.

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