Personal Health Assessment

A personal health assessment is the process of undergoing a health examination for informal reasons. It may be done with the help of medical experts who can suggest suitable diet and exercises for the individual after scrutinizing his health conditions. It should be conducted carefully so that a correct health-care chart can be drawn on its basis.

Sample Personal Health Assessment

Name of the organization: Sally’s Diet Clinic

Assessment formatted by: Sally Costa

Name of the person/patient: Mrs. Holly Swank

Age: 60 years

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 5’7”

Importance of personal health assessment: It is important to take care of one’s own health and avoid common weaknesses arising out of ignorance or neglect about personal health such that the person can lead a normal life at old age.

Low energy level: You are weaker than what you should be and therefore you need to increase your calorie intake with bananas, raisins and sweets.

Fragile bones: Old age has affected your bones and led to its demineralization. To counter the situation, I advise you to drink 2 glasses of milk daily.

Cholesterol accumulation: The intake of oils and fats should be strictly avoided to gain control over hypertension and high blood pressure due to increased cholesterol level. It is advisable to have skimmed milk instead of condensed milk.

Irregular bowels: Increase the quantity of fibre like wheat and flour to regularise bowel movement and control constipation.

Disturbed digestive system: With lesser capacity to digest food, you should have small meals at intervals instead of having a whole meal thrice a day.

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