Personal Trainer Assessment

The job of a personal trainer is to assess the fitness of his client or employer and seek ways to improve its scope. Since the objective of a personal trainer is to take care of his client’s health and fitness, it is highly important that the efficiency and qualifications of the personal trainer is assessed before handing him the charge of one’s well-being. Personal trainer assessment is the process through which the ability and efficacy of the concerned person is analyzed prior to finalizing their appointment.

Sample Personal Trainer Assessment

Name of the personal trainer: Ryan Stifler.

Personal trainer assessment conducted by: Fitwell Fitness Analysts.

Objective: To judge the efficiency and competence of Ryan Stifler as a personal trainer.


Technical Qualifications:

  • Diploma in fitness and personal training.
  • Certificate course in nutrition and balanced diet.
  • Certificate in gym instructions.

Work experiences:

  • Worked as a personal trainer for eminent businessman Richard Decruise.
  • Associated with the Manhattan fitness club for three years.
  • Worked as a gym instructor in Stayhealthy Gym for two years.

Work skills:

  • Thorough knowledge about fitness and health.
  • Well-educated about cardio, strength training and nutrition.
  • Well equipped to protect client from gym mishaps and fitness hazards.
  • Comprehensive knowledge about first aid and emergency medical action.
  • Presence of mind.
  • Good communicative skills and ability to smoothly maintain inter personal relationship with clients.


  • Extremely fit and able.
  • Can motivate and inspire clients to stay fit.
  • Eats healthy, inspires clients by example.

Inference: The concerned person is found to be efficient and competent enough to be recruited as a personal trainer.

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