Personality Assessment Format

Personality assessment is a combined measurement of personal behavior and character along with a precise study of overall personality profile. This kind of assessment research and theory is compiled to assess various personal traits of an individual. Hence, such kind of a personality assessment format should effectively outline the essential aspects of the assessment required to gauge the purpose.

Sample Personality Assessment Format

Name of the respondent ___________________

Age _________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph should formulate the exact intention of the assessment. The initial approach of this document should be friendly and object oriented so that the respondent finds the assessment accessible. Even before constructing this paragraph the assessment compiler should re-examine the exact intention as well as the personality assessment which is a crucial measuring tool of a person’s overall personal traits.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph should concentrate on the overall personality traits of the respondent. This should include the analysis of imaginative and learning traits along with the adaptation nature. Even this paragraph of the assessment should gauge the exclusive human qualities like leadership, motivation, instructiveness, interactions, self development skills and quality of helping others etc.

Third Paragraph: The final paragraph should evaluate the social sensitive characters, temperament and official attitude of the respondent as well through employing effective professional ideas and theories. In this paragraph, the entire document should be compiled in order to reach to a final assessment result and it also helps to determine the exact personality traits of the respondent efficiently.

Remark: _______________

Signature of the concern person who conducted the assessment ___________________________

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