Personality Assessment Template

A personality assessment template serves as the basic design for a personality assessment. The personality dimensions are explored to the roots and documented in a report form. It gives vent to the defects and shortcomings of the individual’s personality that otherwise hamper his normal social and occupational functioning.

Sample Personality Assessment Template

Name of the organization: _______________________ [Mention the name of the agency in which the personality assessment is being done]

Personality assessment conducted by: ______________________________ [Mention the name of the unit or agency entrusted with the assessment]

Name and gender of the client: ___________________________________ [Provide the name and sex of the person for whom the personality assessment is being conducted]

Background check of the client: ______________________ [Briefly explain the relationship details of the client with others and behaviors exhibited by him in office, home and social gatherings]

Date of submission of report: ________________________ [Give the correct date]

Purpose of personality assessment:

  • Purpose 1: ___________________________________
  • Purpose 2: ___________________________________ [State the purposes of initiating the personality assessment]

Techniques of personality assessment:

  • Technique 1: _______________________________________
  • Technique 2: _______________________________________ [Name the tests of personality assessment]

Personality constituents being assessed:

  • Extraversion: _________________________________________________
  • Introversion: __________________________________________________
  • Neuroticism: __________________________________________________
  • Emotional stability: _____________________________________________
  • Social adjustment: _______________________________________________
  • Stress tolerance: _________________________________________________
  • Coping strategies employed: _______________________________________
  • Defense mechanisms used: ________________________________________
  • Psychotic tendencies: _____________________________________________

Suggestions and recommendations presented by personality assessment team: ________________________ [Provide the counseling strategies of to be adopted for personality growth of the client]

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