Personality Job Assessment

Personality job assessment refers to the assessment of one’s personality with special allegiance to the job he is deemed to do. It documents the personality factors that make him decidedly suitable or unsuitable for the concerned job. Thus it is a matter of intense observation which must be done by personality theorists and experts for unbiased report.

Sample Personality Job Assessment

Name of the candidate: Mr. Tom Hopkins

Age: 26 years

Job title: Radio Jockeying

Job description: Radio jockeying is a highly stimulating job that demands high level of energy and stamina on a whole day basis. It includes hours of strenuous exercising of the vocal cords and muscles through constant voice modulations. A radio host has to harbour gregarious personality and exuberant attitude as he has to interact with listeners in an amicable manner.

Personality traits required for this purpose:

  • Overt personality is needed in order to communicate with listeners by shedding all inhibitions and shyness.
  • Sympathetic personality is another requirement owing to the role radio hosts play in giving advice for relationship related troubles and career related frustrations.
  • They have to be hard working and persevering as the job stands on determination and dedication.
  • The candidate has to tune his personality with that of the station since every radio channel has its own way of rendering services which he has to imbibe.

Salary offered for the job: $400 monthly

Future prospects: The job holds vast scope for promotions and the hosts can work their way up with efficient working which is measured in terms of his popularity.

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