Personality Leadership Assessment

A personality leadership assessment is a means of judging an individual’s capacity for leadership on many levels. Such tests are conducted across a wide range of places like schools, colleges, workspaces, national and international guilds and so on. Depending on the aim and purpose of the personality leadership assessment, the nature of the analysis changes in tone and complexity.

Sample Personality Assessment

Greenfield high School Personality Leadership Assessment

Name of student: ______________________

Class: _______________________

Roll number: ________________________________

Supervising teacher: ____________________________

Tick the option you think is most suitable for you in the questions provided below. All questions are compulsory:

1. How would you describe the need for leadership at the micro, everyday level?

  • Leadership is needed to ensure people work as a team, putting the needs of the team first and theirs last.
  • Leadership is a way to keep inferior or weaker students/individuals in check.
  • Leadership is not needed and inconsequential nowadays.

2. As a leader what is the quality you would value most in yourself?

  • Patience
  • Domination
  • Sympathy
  • Organization
  • Any other [please specify]

3. Does leadership come naturally to a leader or can it be cultivated?

  • Yes, a leader is born, not made.
  • No, a leader learns by experience and has no inherent quality which separates him from the rest before training.
  • A bit of both.
  •  Not sure.

4. As a potential student leader, what are you visions for your schoolmates and the school overall?

  • To put forward student issues to the authority and ensure that demands are met.
  • To create a student body with strong bargaining powers.
  • To ensure the needs of the students are met.

5. Do you think student politics is disruptive in a school environment?

  • Yes, it should not be encouraged.
  • No, student politics ensure that students are aware of their rights and can stand up for themselves.

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