Personality Needs Assessment

A personality needs assessment is an exercise in understanding the mindset and temperament of an individual by encouraging the subject himself to complete the analysis under the supervision of a trained expert. This is not a process that requires medication and is not performed under medical guidance.

But a certain amount of professional training and skill is required for anyone to conduct a personality needs assessment and the results can be quite beneficial to the subject in helping him understand the facets of his personality better. The results of the assessment must be tabulated in the correct manner, and if needed, can be worked on for further assessments.

Sample Personality Needs Assessment

Green Valley High School

Annual Personality Needs Assessment


Students of Standard VIII to X

Supervised by: Dr. Joseph Anton, Head of the Department, Psychoanalysis, Geneva Medical Centre and Hospital

Date of personality needs assessment: 10th January 2012

  1. Please mention the five associative words which come to your mind when you think of the following:
  • Anger
  • Despair
  • Scorn
  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Rage
  • Insecurity
  1. Please answer the following questions carefully:
  • Has there been a noticeable change in your behavior in the recent past?
  • Have you ever felt suicidal or have attempted to take your own life?
  • Do you feel that such a personality needs assessment is of any value among school students like yourself? Can such an assessment encourage you to answer questions or face situations you are otherwise ill-equipped to deal with?
  • Do you think that your school is supportive in its attitude towards students and can counsel them when needed?
  • To what would you ascribe the maximum stress in your life at the present moment?
  • How do you plan to remove the cause of stress?
  • What exactly do you understand by the term personality? What, according to you, can its needs be?

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