Personality Psychometric Assessment

A personality psychometric assessment is a document which contains an outline of the capabilities of a candidate with respect to his suitability for a particular job. Care should be taken to include all aspects of the test, and it should be multifarious and challenging. The basic setup and structure of the personality psychometric assessment can vary but it has now become standard procedure in companies. If used effectively, it is a crucial determinant of the quality of people hired by the company.

Sample Personality Psychometric Assessment

Personality psychometric assessment designed by: Jason Kopper

On behalf of: JD Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of the test:

  • To determine the suitability of a candidate for a job in our company. This test is standard procedure and has been in operation at our recruitment season for the last four years.
  • The design and questions in the personality psychometric assessment is changed every year to ensure a foolproof manner of determining the suitability of the candidate.

Various Stages of the personality psychometric assessment:

  • Personality tests: this test is designed to reveal your motivation, behavioral patterns and personality traits like temperament. It is the first step in most integrated personality psychometric tests and care should be taken to prepare for it well. Contrary to popular expectation, personality tests can be prepared for and your test scores can also improve.
  • Aptitude Tests: the time in which a candidate scores the correct answers is the main thing tested in this section. The aptitude tests check for the work related cognitive capacity of the candidate and hence is an important part of the personality psychometric assessment.
  • Numerical and Abstract Reasoning: This is also an important component of the personality psychometric test, and involves determining the candidate’s numerical and abstract reasoning or logical testing skills. The questions in this section are particularly challenging and hence must be prepared for.

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