Personality Test Assessment

A personality test assessment is conducted to make an assessment of one’s individual self and his/ her personality or the way of social interactions that he/she practices. It is an interactive question answer format that enables to judge the personality of an individual. This is a very helpful assessment as it helps in making accurate predictions about a person’s nature.

Sample Personality Test Assessment:

Name: Will Smith

Age: 24 years

Profession: student

School/ College: St. Jones School of Commerce

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012

Conducted by: St. Columbus Assessment foundations, New York

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

1. Mental test- The candidate is asked an array of 20 questions on his/her mentality about various areas of interests. The candidate fared very well in this test and exhibited a very strong mental state and a very cool mind. He possesses a highly intelligent brain and stays relaxed during dire situations. He responds well to crisis and is speedy at finding solutions to problems. He scored a total of 17 on 20 in this segment of questions.

2. Social test- The candidate is asked to answer a set of 20 questions again including those that takes note of the society the candidate lives in. The candidate exhibited a great mental set up in this test as well. He was found to be highly liberal about religion, loves abiding social norms, is much socialized, mixes with the crowd easily and is himself an entertainer. He scored a total of 17 on 20 in this segment of the test.

3. Personal and preferences test- This again follows the same test method with a set of 20 questions. The candidate again exhibited excellent cultural and personal habits, that range from wise thoughts of education, liberalizations, caring attitude for all, very helpful attitude and immense love and respect for family, clean habits and a superb health and hygiene. Score is 19 on 20.

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