Physical Education Assessment

A physical education assessment is a report produced to outline the purpose of imparting physical education to students of some particular standard and/ or analyzing the effects or need of such an education. The final verdict of such an assessment needs to be accurate as it would then influence various important decisions to be taken by respective adults for the child’s growth, development and well-being. The assessment can be prepared for individual students or be presented in a general format.

Sample Physical Education Assessment

Institution being assessed: The Leoma High School for Boys

47 – B, Kerrey Street

New York

Assessment done on: Students of the fifth standard [Std. – V]

Physical Education Assessment prepared by: Sir James Carrie

Fitness Instructor

Date of assessment: 15th August, 2011

Purpose of assessment:

Physical education has now become a highly important subject to be taught to and practiced by students and children of all ages, owing to the fast pace of life and the tough competition of recent times that takes away all their play time and puts additional stress on young minds. Such an education will not just relieve tension but also yield healthy minds and fit souls which will eventually bring in improvement in academics as well.

Assessment procedure:

  • Children will initially be subject to a rigorous training process wherein they will be made to perform a number of exercises which ensure proper physique and an increased fitness level.
  • Certain theory classes will also be conducted to explain them the fundamental concepts of learning and practicing physical education.
  • Students will be thoroughly assessed on the basis of a number of physical activities.
  • A comprehensive report will be prepared for identification, diagnosis and better care for those who need so.

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