Physical Health Assessment

A physical health assessment involves complete investigation of an individual’s physical state so as to detect possible ailments and also suggest required solutions and precautions so as to keep one’s physique in good condition. This type of an assessment also includes the evaluation of a hospitals and health centres so as to assess their efforts and practices undertaken to assure proper physical health to all patients and individuals under their treatment.

Sample Physical Health Assessment:

Good Health Institute of Medical Sciences and Nursing Home

57 – G/ II, Green Park

New York

00 1 – 342 – 452819562

Date of assessment: 17th November, 2011

Assessment done by: Mr. Jacob Anthony

Medical Supervisor

Purpose of the assessment:

The primary objective of this physical health assessment is to acquire a proper insight into the health care facilities provided by this particular nursing home, the assessment being commissioned by the United States Council for Physical Health Care. The facilities and treatments in this particular field of medical studies will be extended to individuals of all age groups, irrespective of financial status.

Particulars for assessment:

Study of physical health:-

  • Various technologies have been introduced and devices employed for the assessment of physical health of a person.
  • Recent advancements are to be thoroughly studied and implemented at the earliest for best results.

Tests for identification and detection of diseases:-

  • The tests conducted and reports delivered have been found to be proper in 9 out of 10 cases.
  • Perfection and avoiding of manual errors is desirable.

Precautionary measures:

  • Immunization and vaccines are provided to every individual, whoever drops in, before the stipulated time span.
  • Awareness needs to be created on a larger base.

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