Physical Security Assessment

Physical security assessment refers to the process of examining the efficiency of those employees in an organization who are responsible for physically protecting the premises and the people working there. These people are trained in combat and in some cases also given arms training. They must be in good shape and excellent health so that they are able to tackle any emergency situation like robberies or attacks. It is necessary to conduct an examination of these security people to see if they have the right skills and physical strength to do their job. They are also tested on their knowledge of public safety and security management skills.

Sample Physical Security Assessment:

The following risk assessment has been made by Arms Experts, Ohio

Name: Go Deep Research Org

Address: 833 Feeder’s Lane, Ohio

Objective of assessment: To evaluate the condition of the physical security of the organization and to test the people responsible for providing physical protection to the employees, thereby suggesting measures for improvement

Risk identification and analysis:

  • The organization runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week because of which employees working in the night are at greater risk for any untoward incident

Review of site:

  • The facility is covered by 10 close circuit cameras strategically placed in the organization and there is a control room where 2 security persons are always present monitoring the office
  • The entrance has a security guard who lets people only after checking their valid IDs

Review of physical security:

  • Security guards are well-trained and are in good health
  • They are aware of the safety codes and security policies

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