Post Deployment Health Assessment

The concept of post deployment health assessment mainly involves the study of health conditions, be it physical or mental, of a person after the deployment has been done. Such processes are mainly conducted in areas which include jobs of defense sector, navy, army, etc. Such documents are important as the work environment in these professions demand respective professionals to be perfectly fit and fine when it comes to their physical or psychological health conditions.

Sample Post Deployment Health Assessment:

Patient name: Jack McKinley

Occupation: Lieutenant Officer [deployed]

Age: 47 years

Sex: Male

Name of organization conducting assessment: Military Medical Hospital, New York

Group members working on this assessment: Miss Serina Johannson, Managing Director

Mr. Sam Rogers, Higher Officer, Deployed Officials Health Care department

Assessment commissioned by: The United States Council for Specialized Health Care

Date of assessment: 12th August, 2011

Purpose: The basic purpose of this assessment is to examine the state of health of deployed officers, so as to favourably affect further decisions regarding health, both physical and mental, and also suggest areas of improvement of health, if certain complications be present.

List of Assessment factors involved:

  1. Environmental conditions at the areas of deployment and the patient’s health condition in each of those places.
  2. Symptoms of possible ailments or change in health conditions during the deployment period.
  3. Documents and details of any term of hospitalization at the time of deployment.
  4. Vaccinations and medications, if any, received during deployment.
  5. Psychiatric condition in the post-deployment period.

Assessment Report:

The post deployment health assessment conducted on Jack McKinley has been recorded and evaluated to the best of the team’s knowledge in the concerned field and the individual has been found to be physically and mentally sound and active after the deployment period. Exercising, walking, drinking loads of water and meditation are the suggestions for a better health.

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