Pre Employment Health Assessment

A pre employment health assessment is a document which highlights the manner in which a pre employment health assessment will be conducted. This kind of health assessment is extremely crucial as employers have a right to learn about the health of employers they will be employing. Certain jobs are also allotted to candidates according to the reports of the pre employment health assessment.

Sample Pre Employment Health Assessment

Name of candidate: Samantha Johnson

Date of Birth: 13th May 1988

Job position applied for: Group trainer in BPO sector

Company applied to: Oracular Pvt. Ltd.

Pre employment health assessment conducted by: Medico Clinic in collaboration with Oracular Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of pre employment health assessment:

  • This pre employment health assessment is a routine process before every new recruitment. It tests the candidate‚Äôs general well being and health in the form of tests, as well as questionnaires where the candidate may fill in their previous medical history and any cases of serious illnesses.
  • The results are kept strictly confidential. The results of the pre employment health test carry great weight with our selection committee and it also affects the recruitment process itself in case of specific individuals.
  • Candidates are advised to disclose their medical history honestly.

Pre employment health assessment of Ms. Samantha Johnson [an extract from the complete medical report]:

  • The candidate has imperfect vision with a prior history of power fluctuation in the right eye.
  • The candidate also has a prior medical history of asthma. We recommend her to review her decision to apply for a high stress job in the BPO sector.

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