Pre Hire and Selection Leadership Assessment

A pre-hire and selection leadership assessment is a document that analyzes the leadership abilities of a person in the context of pre-hire and selection process, that is, in selecting and hiring proper candidates for a certain job. The selection or hiring of suitable employees requires a thorough idea of the job and the skill to determine the appropriate work procedure. Hence a leadership assessment of this form should necessarily outline all the indispensable aspects.

Sample Pre Hire and Selection Leadership Assessment:

Name of the assessment: Assessment of leadership qualities – pre hire and selection job

Name of candidate: John Steve

Age: 34 years

Post being assessed for: Executive Director

Intel Companies

Objectives of assessment:

  • The company demands the best in man-power to deliver the best in service and design and manufacture high-quality products. Hence we need a proper leader to motivate employees in this task.
  • The pre hire and selection procedure involves input of candidates on the basis of their academic skills and practical knowledge, and a suitable leader is thus required to gauge such qualities.
  • The assessment would outline the respective candidate’s skills in the concerned field and consequently outline his abilities to act as the perfect leader.

Areas of assessment:

  • Identification of job prospects and ability to guide candidates as per requirements.
  • Suitability of the person in the job, in both areas of pre hire and selection of candidates.
  • Ability to maintain own standard and yet be an interactive leader.
  • Leadership qualities in terms of taking up challenges and responsibilities.
  • Identifying work environment and performing and also guiding others to perform accordingly.

Final Assessment Report:

John Steve has been thoroughly assessed from all prospective areas and has been found highly efficient in performing the job. He has thus been assigned the task of a pre hire and selection leader.


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