Pre Job Hazard Assessment

The pre job hazard assessment is a document that outlines the possibilities of hazards and risk factors that may be present in the respective work environment. Safety is an important factor for living beings and it is obvious for all to be concerned regarding the same. Any job should provide minimum protection to its employees and workers, and not just to the employer. Hence an assessment of the hazards present is important to be conducted, prior to the job initialization.

Sample Pre Job Hazard Assessment:

Name of applicant: Mr. Tim Andrews

Age: 34 years

Job applied for: Mining Instructor

Name of Company: U.S. Mining Industry

Assessment conducted by: The Central Council for Prevention of Job Hazards

Date of assessment: 21st April, 2011

Assessment team comprising of: Mr. Richard Jones, Managing Director

Dr. Gerry Cameron, Health and Safety Inspector

Purpose of assessment:

The primary objective of this pre job hazard assessment is to provide a detailed overview of the possible hazards in this job, before an individual finally consents of the job. All factors need to be assessed and correct particulars provided.

Topics for assessment:

Health factors:-

The possibilities of health hazards that can occur owing to the nature of the job, involving diseases such as asthma, skin allergies, nausea, etc. have been assessed and stated. Documents portraying the exact level of diseases have been enclosed herein.

Possibilities of accidents:

Mining involves work in hazardous areas, deep inside the earth, and thus involve the risk of accidents. The primary zones of such mishaps and also corresponding machines and instruments have been thoroughly discussed.

Areas of precautions:

The provision of the details of hazards is not obviously sufficient; hence the assessment includes a special portion that deal with minimum measures that need to be taken and areas wherein one needs to be careful so as to avoid such hazards, at least to some extent.

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