Professional Career Assessment

A professional career assessment is a technique of assessing the power of a particular profession by laying down its affirmative and pessimistic sides. It is important to know the consequences of a vocation before adopting it as a career professionally. Therefore, it must propose the details firmly and establish the weight of the profession in the market.

Sample Professional Career Assessment

Name of the agency: City Legal Firm

Name of the profession: Law

Assessment done by: Ryan Gay, Profession Expert

Objective behind the assessment: The sudden drought of confident and efficient lawyers has created a vacuum in the law industry. Severe desperation for money has paved the way for this situation wherein students are opting for money-oriented professions like engineering and fashion.

Scholastic qualification required: An LLB is compulsory for entry into the industry.

Use of the assessment: The assessment results will create a picture of the present state of legal practices and status of the profession in the country.

Virtues of the profession:

The profession serves as a ladder to climb up to the seat of a judge or chief justice.

There is no age bar for practicing law which gives lawyers a scope to advance in their career to the meridian.

Lawyers earn handsome salaries from law firms and private clients.

Vices of the profession:

It takes a lot of time and energy to settle down in the field after signing in.

Lawyers carry constant threats as they have to deal with criminal cases and illegal activities.

Operating Government law schools:

  • Institute of Juridical Sciences
  • State Law College

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