Property Assessment Format

A property assessment format outlines the structural design of a property assessment. It must give all the details of the property along with the pros and cons of buying the property. The property should be assessed by professional assessors and confirmed by the respective property dealers to avoid loopholes in the construction.

Sample Property Assessment Format

Name of the respondent ________________

Date _______________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must iterate the name of the agency renting or selling out the property. It must have the name of the person who has formalized the property assessment. It must be clearly mentioned if the property belongs to the dealer or it is a seized property. The legal formalities vary according to the situation. It must also state the purpose of transacting the property rights to ensure full transparency between the participants.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must lay down the strengths and weaknesses of the property in detail. It must make all the aspects crystal-clear for whoever is going to buy the rights. The condition, working, amenities, embellishments and other factors must be mentioned with all the required details like age of the property, the previous owner of the property, any significant information or fact associated with it and legal bindings of the proprietorship.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must lay a proper conclusion of the property assessment. It must give the results of the study in a nut-shell which would help the buyer to take a decision faster. There should not be any twisted sentences that may hide vital facts or puzzle the reader and delay the transaction.

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