Property Assessment Template

A property assessment template is a protocol of a property evaluation. It is prepared in the interest of the buyers and sellers of a property so that all the information about the property remains clear and open to the customers. It must be diligently coded so that the information furnished in the document is true and correct.

Sample Property Assessment Template

Name of the agency: _______________________ [Mention the name of the agency for which the property assessment is being done]

Property assessment conducted by: ______________________________ [Mention the name of the assessment agency or subdivision]

Location of the property being assessed: __________________________ [Provide the address of the property for which the assessment is being conducted]

Date of submission of report: ________________________ [Give the correct date]

Nature of property: ________________________________ [Illustrate the nature of the property under investigation if it is a building, public asset, land or ownership right]

Purpose of property assessment:

  • Purpose 1: ___________________________________
  • Purpose 2: ___________________________________ [State the purposes behind initiating the property assessment]

Tools of property assessment:

  • Tool 1: _______________________________________
  • Tool 2: _______________________________________ [Mention the assessment methods]

Disadvantages of buying the said property:

  • Risk factor 1: ____________________________
  • Risk factor 2: ____________________________ [Mention the limitations of the property assessed]

Advantages of buying the said property:

  • Benefit 1: _________________________________
  • Benefit 2: ________________________________ [Enumerate the positive aspects of the property assessed]

The estimated value of the property comes to at: ___________________________ [Give the tentative price of the property in dollars as decided by the property assessment]

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Download Property Assessment Template

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