Property Assessment

The property assessment is an analytic tool which is used to gather information about a certain property that might be sold, purchased, rented or leased. This is done so as to examine the risks and profit of the said property. It is important that real estate agents fully disclose all elements related to the property to potential clients. This assessment is also effective in determining current market price and tax value.

Sample Property Assessment:

The property assessment has been done by WILCO Estate Developers for Mr. Dublin Hoods (owner)

Name of Property: Gandalf Apartments

Address: 22, Chow Win Lane, New York

Property Assessment date: 23.6.2011

Main aim for property assessment:

  • The owner wishes to sell his property and needs to assess market conditions as a result.
  • The assessment will help the potential clients to analyze the pros and cons of the property and decide accordingly.

Property Overview:

  • Building location is quite suitable for residency. It is well within the distance of the main grocery store, public school and hospital.
  • The transportation route is also beneficial for office goers.
  • Apartments are available for any number of individuals up to 6. Provisions can be made to increase apartment size to fit in more, as per building guidelines.
  • Interiors are spacious with good security provided 24×7.


  • The property is located near the city garbage dump and hence those living in the east side of the building are likely to be affected by the stench.
  • The property does not provide for visitor parking.

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