Property Development Assessment

A property development assessment is an exercise which outlines the manner in which a certain piece of property is to be used for the purposes of development and marketing, usually to fetch a good price on the market. As a part of their business, a property development firm concentrates on making a particular piece of property saleable and viable for buyers and this assessment results in profits for the organization, as well as ease for the client who wishes to invest in property.

Sample Property Development Assessment

Date of property development assessment: 13th June 2012

Property development assessment for: 23, Belvedere Estate, Lionel Park, London

Property development assessment conducted by: JP Realtors Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of property development assessment:

  • To analyze the area-price ration of the property in question while at the time of buying and therefore determine its price of selling.
  • To create a client interest in the property in question by marketing, in-house advertising, direct client appraisal and so on.
  • To determine the best way of marketing the property by increasing its salability value.
  • To provide a report to our client on the difference that our leadership has created in the market value of the property in question.
  • Price of property in question at the time of the property development assessment: 25 million GBP
  • Price the property is expected to fetch at the time of sale: 50 million GBP

Key areas to be inspected in the property development assessment:

  • How to up the market price of the property by making the necessary changes in structure, architecture, plumbing and other important aspects of the house.
  • How to create an interest about the property in question among existing potential buyers, and add new clients to our contact list.

Date of submission of assessment report: 10th July 2012

Duration of property development assessment: 1 month

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