Property Environmental Assessment

A property environmental assessment is a document which contains an outline of the chief hazards to the environment posed by a particular building or property, which is either present or about to be built. This means that both residential and commercial properties must be analyzed to determine the danger they might potentially pose to the environment.

There are many kinds of property environment assessment, depending on the key thrust areas of the test. The test has both practical and theoretical aspects, or, in other words, both field-reports as well as questionnaires, forms etc are made use of in such a property environmental assessment. Care should be taken to tabulate the results of the property environmental assessment as neatly and precisely as possible, so that the assessment report is a valuable document fulfilling its purpose. The purpose of the assessment must also be provided in the report.

Sample Property Environmental Assessment

Date of property environmental assessment: 12th January 2012

Property to be assessed for contamination: 34, Blueberry Avenue, Kingston, London

Property assessed by: Green Lam EAC Unit Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of property environmental assessment:

  • To create an awareness of the potential environmental hazards posed by the piece of property to be assessed.
  • To submit a completed report to the EAC Chief Divisional Unit for further instructions on what to do with the problem areas marked.

Areas to be especially scrutinized by the property environmental assessment:

  • Careless waste disposal by residents leading to pollution and emanation of foul smell.
  • Groundwater contamination is the area which is to be inspected in the property environment assessment.
  • Individual green practices followed by the residents shall be noted and awarded by the EAC Chief Divisional Unit Pvt. Ltd.

Property environmental assessment to be submitted to: Jason Margate, EAC Chief Divisional Unit, London

Date of assessment report: 13th June 2012

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