Property Notice Assessment

A property notice assessment must be analyzed for its implications which are usually to do with the legal status of a particular piece of property. A property notice assessment must state its purpose carefully so that all concerned with the property can understand their steps of action in a better manner.

Sample Property Notice Assessment

To whom it may concern,

“This property notice assessment, dated 24th July 2012, is hereby being dispatched to inform all concerned with the property located at 34, Belvedere Avenue, Birmingham, that the said piece of real estate must be vacated with immediate effect. This notice is hereby issued in response to the New Birmingham Borough Court’s decision in the civil suit filed by the litigant James Wroth. The defendant, having lost his case, is requested to vacate the property with all belongings by the 15th of August 2012. Failure to vacate the property beyond the said date mentioned in this notice will result in the initiation of criminal proceedings against the defendant[s].

The property is valued at 3.5 billion GBP and consists of two natural ponds, one mansion house built in the Tudor style and three gardening units, apart from vast acres of wooded land. The total area which the property in question covers is 20 acres. The property notice has been issued by the Court in lieu of the entire property, and the defendant is requested to ensure that there is no damage caused to it under any circumstances. In case of verifiable damage caused to the property after the inspection conducted by the Court on the 4th of July 2012, the penalties for the same shall be paid by the defendant.

The terms and conditions of the property notice must be read and understood carefully. In case of any queries the defendant and the litigant are asked to contact the Court with their lawyers. “

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