Property Tax Assessment Analysis

A property tax assessment analysis can take various shapes and forms. It primarily deals with assessing the discrepancies in a particular tax notice, and the manner in which the same can be addressed.

The property tax assessment must consist of a detailed review of the tax levied on a particular piece of property, and then figuring out of the loopholes that must be filled in to make the process of taxation more secure, more transparent and unambiguous. The property tax assessment is liable to be scrutinized and therefore, it must be approached with care and thought. The exact form which the property tax assessment analysis will take is determined by the individual merits of the case.

Sample Property Tax Assessment Analysis

The following is a sample from the property tax assessment review form issued by Borough 12, Birmingham

Please fill in the following spaces in the property tax assessment review analysis form with care:

General information:

Name: Jason Morphett

Address of owner: 23, Boulevard Avenue, Brigham

Reasons for filing a property tax assessment review:

The owner of the property mentioned above as the “address” is hereby filing a review petition based on certain discrepancies in the notice issued to him by the Borough number 12 of Birmingham Municipal Corporation, and the actual taxation amount receipt obtained by him after payment of the amount mentioned or specified in the notice.

Details of property taxed:

  • Borough: 12
  • Block: 2[d]
  • Lot: 6[ii]
  • Postal code: 2346555
  • Employee identification number: GRP77463475

The terms and conditions of the Property tax Assessment Review analysis form must be read and understood carefully before it is submitted.


I, Jason Morphett, am hereby affirming that all the information contained in this document is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Any errors or discrepancies found are solely my responsibility and I am liable to be penalized for the same.

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